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Welcome to Stop, an IRS Section 527 non-profit organization working to give millions of silenced Americans one undeniable
 voice, capable of forcing our elected leaders to 
give corporate America serious reasons to Bring Our Jobs Home!
Why us, why now?      
Before embarking on this project, we googled "outsourcing" in hopes of finding an organization to support that was devoted to stopping the practice of offshoring. We got back over 20 million hits. Eyeballing the 200 most popular we found:
    -    200 sites all extolling the wonders of (and attempting to profit from) outsourcing, and.. 
    -    Exactly Zero!!  dedicated to ending the carnage that offshoring has wrought upon America over the past thirty years.

We were then directed to an organization by the name of Open Secrets.Org which tracks all Political Action and Section 527 committees that receive political contributions. Combing through their list of the seventy largest recipients of contributions in 2008, we were again frustrated by are inability to find a single organization with a singular goal of confronting the off-shoring of American jobs.

We believe foreign outsourcing to be the greatest threat to American society today. Yet, after all of these years, America still has not developed any effective opposition to it!  Given ample opportunity, all of our traditional political and economic institutions have shown time and again that it is actually not in their interest to stop the practice of off-shoring.
We were forced to conclude that if we (meaning you and I) ever hope for this problem to be solved, we will need to solve it ourselves!
What can you do to help?
 -  To start with, google this site as often as you can, and please ask your friends, family and e-mail & Facebook groups to do the same.
       Google us every time you come across a shuttered manufacturing plant or see someone close to you who has to go another month
       with no way to support his or her family. Why will googling help?  Because search engines provide visibility based upon the number
         of visits a site receives. So, googling will move this site up the "Outsourcing" list and help
ensure that  every company will have to
       confront the pain that outsourcing causes for fellow Americans at least once before making the decision to offshore production.

    -  There are four or five other critical things you can do to help. We hope that you will explore all of them and, in the process, gain a good
       sense of who we are, what we are trying to do and how your efforts will help our shared cause.
        1)  Go to our Mission and FAQs pages to learn more about
        2) Request this free StopOutsourcing window sticker:
            Display it in the back window of your car. They are static cling, so they can be removed and reapplied at will, and they are the best
            and only means we know of to make your feelings heard on the issue.To order a sticker, you leave your name and address with us at:

        3) Consider making a small donation.  A $3.50 donation will:
             -    cover the production and mailing cost associated with your own sticker
             -    allow us to send a second sticker to someone else who supports our cause but may not be able to afford a sticker at this time
             -    provide with fifty cents which it can apply equally to the operational costs of running this site, and to building
                  a legislative monitoring/analysis effort.
    (Please see our "FAQs" page for a description of how our donations are used)
        4) Go to: to visit our forum pages and help create our direction.  Our intention is to mold our stated
            mission, objectives and strategy to incorporate the vision of our readers that are made apparent through this forums page.  

        5)  As is noted in our strategy comments, we are looking to partner with corporations sincerely interested in finding solutions. Please let us
             know if you believe your employer might be interested in supporting this cause.       

        6)  Direct friends and family who may be interested to our "Job Opportunities" page.  We may be able to help them earn supplemental

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